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Our rules are designed to set boundaries to make Supervised Visitations enjoyable for you and your child
Your actual contract with our facility may vary.  We realize that each family is unique and their parenting styles differ.  Please realize these boundaries are to ensure unhindered parent/child time.  Contracts may be adjusted, depending on need, at supervisor's discretion. 
You will be asked to review and sign an contract of agreement prior to engaging in our services.  This is a sample of the rules contract:

Visitation Supervisors or Assistant Visitation Supervisors make no interventions that would actively support or encourage the relationship between the parent and child, but would intervene if the emotional or physical safety of a child were threatened.

As Visitation Supervisors we remain impartial and are present to observe and document interactions between parent and child(ren). Visitation Supervisors keep parents and children within line of sight and within hearing range at all times during the visit. It is important that the Supervisor be able to hear and see everything that happens at a visit so that we may accurately document it. Supervisors do not interfere with choices that are a part of a visiting parent’s individual parenting style, except for reasons of safety, as the supervisor deems necessary.

We support diversity and understand that many families today are multi-lingual, however; we cannot guarantee a supervisor that speaks the same language as your family. It is vital that the supervisor be able to understand what is being said by each person during a visit, and, unless otherwise agreed between the parties, all participants must speak the same language as the Supervisor assigned to your case. Translators cannot be used during supervised visitations.


It is the responsibility of the parent being supervised to ensure compliance with the rules stated below. The objective information gathered by Visitation Supervisor and/or Assistants are reported to the court without interpretation or judgment. We are the ears and the eyes for the court and Guardian ad Litem, if one has been appointed. As Visitation Supervisors we are prepared to control the situation, keep the custodial and non custodial parents apart (if applicable), and protect the child(ren), without taking an active part in the visit itself, as activity permits. Supervisors reserve the right to modify the rules based on the needs of each individual family and to meet the needs of the children.

The visiting parent is responsible for planning activities for the visit as well as locations, meals, etc. and is expected to notify the supervisor in advance of what plans are in place for the visit. Your assistance is appreciated and vital to the success of visitation. It is the visiting parents responsibility to pay for any admission/event fees for Supervisor attendance during a visit.

A Kat’s Eye Supervised Visitation Service provides professional services. Our hourly rate is $35 per hour. Our fees for visitation and administrative time are the responsibility of both parents, 50/50, unless otherwise stated in a court order. In the event either parent desires to schedule an appointment or meeting with the Supervisor, that parent is required to pay our hourly rate of $35, for a minimum of 1 hour. The court ordered parent is not responsible for this expense.

Our services are for the sole purpose of providing children with conflict free access to both parents. This is a service for children.




*Participant refers to any person(s) involved during the visitations or exchanges, i.e custodial and non-custodial parents, children, siblings, approved visitors, etc.

Parties shall arrive punctually at the arranged times for the start and end of the visits. The visiting parent shall arrive at least 15 minutes prior to the start of visitation. The custodial parent shall arrive at the start of visitation.


Except in an unavoidable emergency, the relevant parent will inform the Visitation Supervisor as soon as possible, and at least 24 hours in advance, if the Custodial or Non-Custodial parent is canceling a visit.). Any visits missed or cancelled without 24 hours prior notice shall be paid for at the normal rate by the non-compliant parent. See cancellation policy below.


Both parents agree that they (and any person approved to be at the visit) will remain separate from the other parent, both physically and visually, so that contact between them does not occur, this includes the visiting parties, unless prior arrangements have been approved by the supervisor. If contact between the parents is to occur it must be mutually agreed upon by both parties and the visitation supervisor prior to the visitation taking place.


Arrivals of the Non-custodial and custodial parent will be arranged in separate locations within the same vicinity to facilitate cooperation of Rule number 3.

Parties will obtain appropriate authorization, from the supervisor, before bringing visitors.

No participant in the supervised visits may follow or harass another party before or after a scheduled visit. Process service is not allowed before, after, or during visits, or on the premises of the visitation center or location. Supervised Visits and locations are to be safe places and conflict free.


Weapons or dangerous implements of any kind may not be brought to the supervised visitations at any time. Participants in the supervised visitations are subject to search.

The Visitation Supervisor is not and cannot be held responsible or liable for intentional acts of harm or criminal offenses committed by the custodial parent, the non-custodial parents, or any third parties at or near the visitation site.


Visitation Supervisor is not responsible for any possession brought by the child(ren) including, but not limited to, children's toys, electronic devises, additional clothing, etc. Please leave these items at home unless specifically requested and/or approved by the supervisor.


Participants in the Supervised Visitations will not use illegal substances or alcohol 12 hours prior a scheduled visit or during supervised visits. If a supervisor believes either party is under the influence of illegal substances or alcohol, the visit may be cancelled, authorities called and funds forfeited. Smoking is not permitted during visitations.


Neither party shall make threats of violence or threaten to break Court orders during a supervised visit. This includes the transitions before and after the visit.


Neither party shall physically discipline, or threaten to physically discipline a child during Supervised Visitation whether the locale of the visit is On- or Off-site.


Neither parent shall make negative comments to a visiting child about the other parent, his/her partners or family members or their decisions and/or choices.


Neither Custodial nor Non-custodial parent shall ask a child or staff member to deliver support payments or legal documents to the other parent, or to relay messages, unless given a specific authorization to do so by the Visitation Supervisor. This does not include clothes and items for the child(ren).


The visiting parent may take photographs or visual recordings On- or Off-site during Supervised Visitation without prior approval of the other parent unless otherwise specified, provided it has been previously approved by the Visitation Supervisor.


In the event the visitation supervisor takes any photographs during a supervised visit, such photographs will be uploaded to a secure link at www.snapfish.com. Your signature below shows that you consent to this action. All parties to the action, including the other parent, attorneys, court investigators and/or Guardian ad Litems, will have access to this web link. Please provide written notice to the supervisor if you do not wish to have your photos uploaded or exchanged to the professionals on your case.


The visiting parent must be present at all times during the visitation. It is not the duty of the supervisor to be responsible for the children themselves, other then to ensure their physical and emotional safety during interactions with the other parent. We are not babysitters.


Written records of observations during supervised visits will be maintained and reported according to court orders or as is policy of Visitation Supervisor. The Visiting Parent will comply with this by ensuring that the Supervisor can see them at all times and speaking in an audible voice. Whispering is not allowed.

Until instructed otherwise, both parties shall call the visitation supervisor prior to Wednesday at 3 p.m. to confirm any scheduled weekend visitation. Failure to do so may result in a missed visit on the non-responding parties behalf. It is not the duty of the supervisor to remind parties of the visitations. ALL visitations must be paid for by the confirmation deadline. If you are unsure about your confirmation deadline, please contact our office.


Both parties must keep the visitation supervisor informed of their current contact information, to include mailing address, telephone number, and e-mail address. If your physical address is to be kept confidential, you must state so in writing. E-mail addresses are listed in group mailings and ARE NOT considered confidential.


We make every effort to set-up a consistent visitation schedule so that your time is planned for in advance. We have found that this consistency not only helps the children, but reduces scheduling challenges for parents and reduces the occurrences of missed visits. When calling to schedule a visit, please make every effort to arrange the time with the other party first, if court orders allows you to communicate. As a part of your visitation fee, our office will facilitate one telephone call to each party to set-up and confirm each visit. After this call, all additional calls, letters, or e-mails, necessary to schedule the visit will be billed to the respective party. Please refer to our billing policy.

Visitation Supervisor reserves the right to amend the rules as appropriate to accommodate the needs of your family and our ability to serve your child(ren).