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A Kat's Eye Visitation Service is child centered and family focused.  


The visitation supervisors at A Kat's Eye Supervised Visitation Service are real people, professionally trained to protect and ensure safety for your child. 


We hope you will find our web site informative.  In the event you are interested visitation services, please contact us for scheduling availabilty. 


We recognize that using a professionally supervised visitation service may be uncomfortable.  We want to assure you we will make every effort to assist you and your child to feel comfortable. 


Parenting is not always comfortable and convenient and your committment may require a sacrifice on your part.   

Office Hours:  By appointment only 

Meet the Supervisors:

Angel Katchka.  Love to hike, read, write stories, and do homework.  Yes, do homework.  I am constantly growing and learning and I love the process.  I like going to the park and swinging and I love to fish.  My favorite thing to play with is playdough, even now that I am grown up.  My favorite colors are Green and Pink and sometimes Brown.


Dziedra Brusburg.  I love kniting and craft projects and I still love to play in glue and sequins.  I like painting, reading and tonka trucks.  I love 4-wheeling in the mud with big trucks.

 My favorite colors are black and purple.


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