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A Kat's Eye Supervised Visitation Service
offers quality parent/child time in a safe and conflict-free setting
A Kat's Eye Supervised Visitation Services, assures line of sight supervision and auditory monitoring.

Your child is our focus.  Put our years of experience as Professional Visitation Supervisors to work for you.  We pride ourselves in objective observations and documentations that are factual and non-biased. 
Our Visitation Supervisors are not only trained as professional supervisors, but also have extensive training and education in such areas as sexual abuse, domestic violence, neglect, substance abuse issues and mental health issues and much more.  
Company history
Owner and Visitation Supervisor, Angel Katchka, A Former Guardian ad Litem services as Title 13 v-gal/CASA with Snohomish County Juvenile Court and Title 26 Guardian ad Litem in good standing with the Snohomish County registrar since 1998. Have provided professionally supervised services since 2002.  Dedicated to on-going education and family focus, as well as Guardian ad Litem training.  A member in good standing with Supervised Visitation Network www.svnetwork.net  
Office Manager and Visitation Supervisor, Dziedra Brusburg, has a degree in Early Childhood Education and has 8 years practical experience as a visitation supervisor and as a former pre-school teacher.  Ms. Brusburg is a wonderful supervisor innate in documentation of parent/child interaction.

Visitation Supervisor Gayle Bonato, Gayle is an experienced visitation supervisor, CASA trained volunteer and loves spending time the children. She believes visits should be relaxed and enjoyable for children, allowing parents to actually parent and spend quality time with their children. Gayle is articulate and detailed in her observations reports, documenting parent/child interaction.